Is it worse to glam up Mary, or to shit next to a manger?


Mornin’ all.

It’s retro music time. “House of the Rising Sun” by the Animals is on at the moment. I can’t think of any other song where the organ upstages the guitar. Shred that organ, man.

“Crimson and Clover” is next in the queue. Pardon me if I pause to rock the hell out from time to time.

This has been a nostalgia week in general, though mostly the not good kind. You know how sometimes you get into one of those fuzzy-camera-lens periods where the sun flares rainbows over all your warm memories to the backdrop of autumn leaves tumbling down a country lane?

Yeah, not that.

This was one of those “THINK OF EVERY WAY YOU FAILED LOSER” journeys. You know what I mean. Sometimes your Memory gains control and is all, “Hey. Hey, bud. Psst. Over here. Remember in sixth grade when you were super happy to wear that new green striped sweater because you didn’t realize it made you look even fatter or that the green was the wrong shade of green? Good thing you had a classroom full of girls who would point it out to you! Hey, did you ever get over the embarrassment of crying in front of them? Lemme go ask Emotions how she still feels about it…”

You can see why I had to break out some old classic rock. I’m hoping the smokin’ organ riffs and ripping guitars can end my trip down memory pain.

I went to the dump the other day. Oh, sorry. I mean, the transfer station…which is just a high falutin’ dump. While there, not one, but TWO campaigners for Hillary Clinton approached me to try to entice me to vote for Clinton.

Campaigning at a DUMP??

I know they want to reach a large audience, and the fancy dump here in town is THE place to be on a Saturday morning. But, it’s still a dump. It’s the place you go to get rid of all your stinky garbage. Why in the hell would Clinton want her name tied with that mental image?

There’s a lot of psychology involved in getting votes. When it’s time for casting, the last thing the Clinton campaign wants is for people’s memories to conjure stinky garbage when they look at the little box next to her name. It’s just baffling why they thought it was a good idea.

Besides, they were so very out of place. That aspect alone made it uncomfortably comical. Close your eyes and picture a Hillary campaigner. They were both exactly that. Now, put those thirty-something yuppies in a redneck dump. Surrounded by rednecks. And trash. It was honestly like something out of a bad sitcom.

One of them asked me, “Can I speak with you about Hillary Clinton?”

I said, “Nope.”

What I should have said was, “Lady, I’ve got the week’s worth of stink in my wagon and I’m just trying ditch it and get away from my family’s refuse as fast as possible.”

NOBODY wants to hang around a dump and chit chat about foreign policy.

Teen Prime said, “Now, if it was a Trump campaigner, that would make sense.”

And it would rhyme, too! Oh the fun you could have. Dump for Trump. Dump with Trump. Trump at the dump. Be a chump with Trump at the dump. There are just so many ways you could go with it, and all of them would make the ferret headed man-child pat-a-cake with glee. Maybe I should email the Trump campaign and pass on the idea? I bet if I said, “Hillary is totally smoking you in dump polls,” they’d be booking themselves some stinky stomping grounds before I could even finish the sentence.

“In A Gadda Da Vida” now. It’s a bit weird listening to it at 5:00 am with coffee in my hand instead of vodka and no one telling me they love me, man…nah, like, for real…but it’s still a good song.

So I went on to read the news. I wanted to maybe do a Roundup, because it’s been awhile, but the headlines were all either lame or about death and murder. I do have lines, as nebulous as they may seem at times. However, one article did catch my attention.

“Barbie as Mary Gets Argentinian Artist Duo in Hot Water”

Oooh. Gotta be good, right?

The Argentinian artist team of Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini have created an art installation of Barbie dolls that are dressed up as famous religious figures. To be clear, the dolls are one-offs for a display, not being mass produced, and, at this point in time, not up for sale in any way. That needs to be said, because a big part of the controversy seems to stem from people thinking the artists have plans to pump these Barbies out left and right.

Though other religions are represented in the display with figures such as Buddha and Kali, it is certainly a Christian-centric art installation overall. That’s no surprise. The overwhelming religious majority in Argentina is Catholicism. The Christian figures span the range from what I’d consider classic nativity characters, to Joan of Arc and Spanish Crusaders. Here’s an example of what we’re talking about:


It wouldn’t be news if it wasn’t considered controversial. Religious leaders “around the world” are upset. So upset, in fact, that this is the second attempt at holding the exhibit. The first one closed before it ever opened due to death threats deemed “very significant” and “highly credible” against not only the artists, but the owner of the previous venue slated for the display.

People, forgive the expression in this circumstance, but…what the hell?

Why are people so upset?

Let’s see if we can dissect this.

The vast majority of the public outcry is coming from Christians. In fact, while a Hindu group spoke out against the display, they also spoke out against the threats that the artists were receiving. They don’t like the installment, stated their feelings, and are willing to simply not attend.

The Christians were not of the same mind.

In fact, it is widely accepted that it was a group of devout Catholics that issued the very real death threats the first time, backed by the local authorities. No, for real. Instead of offering the artists protection, local law enforcement and government officials made public comments against the artists, saying that the artists were making a mockery of religion and that they should have petitioned the government for a permit to make something so controversial so the government could tell them not to do it in the first place.

Political speak for “GIT ‘EM!!!”

Since the majority of the outrage is coming from Christians, specifically Catholics in Argentina but all sects globally, let’s take a look at their main complaints. Ooh! I know. Let’s make a list. We like lists!

Reasons that Christians want to Kill Artists Over Barbie Religious Figurines:

1. They make a profit off religion and that is a no no.

2. By turning important figures into toys, the artists have made a mockery of Christianity.

…er…that’s it. I guess we didn’t really have to do it in list format, huh?

I’mma go ahead and get that first ridiculous, insane, stupid reason to be up in arms about this out of the way in two words:

Christmas decorations.

Actually, why stop there? Not just Christmas decor…ALL religion-centric home decor. Velvet Jesus posters, praying Mary hands, light up crucifixes, decorative rosary beads, cross necklaces, “Jesus Loves Me” embroidered pillows… I could go on, but I don’t think I need to.

“Okay, Bethie, but Argentina is far more devout than the admittedly lax US. Surely they adhere to a more strict observation of the tenets of…”

Near Buenos Aires is a town called Lujan. In Lujan, there is a statue of the Virgin Mary, the only woman the Catholic church ever considered to be important. People not only flock to the church that was built to house the statue, but they walk away with souvenirs from the many gift shops. Mini copies of the statue, Mary necklaces, photos of the statue and church, prayer cards…

Prayer cards.

They SELL PRAYERS. If that’s not profiting off a religion, I don’t know what is.

“Yes, but the Barbie artists do it by making a mockery of Christianity. It’s not the same.”

Isn’t it, though?

Let’s take a look at the nativity portion of the installation. Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph. Now, let’s look at some other nativity sets that are commercially available.


Wait a second. That’s…that’s a nativity set made out of children’s toys. Someone has already taken a very serious, deeply important Bible story and make a toy set of it? Where’s the outrage? Where are the death threats? Where are the authorities up in arms about such a vile mockery?

That set has been sold for years. It’s got 4.5 stars on Amazon, with many ecstatic reviewers saying it’s a great way to teach the Bible story to kids.

Here’s another.


Uh…ducks? That’s, um…different.


My initial reaction to this was to balk, but then I realized it’s a Canadian set. Can’t be controversial if it’s Canadian, right?

In fact, none of the above sets have raised anyone’s ire. Well, maybe people were upset with the ducks, but that’s probably because they’re so poorly rendered. Look at it again. What the hell are those wise men offering for gifts? Cheese and a turkey leg? And what’s with Mary’s hair? Yikes, lady. It’s not a 70’s swinger party.

My point is that people have been adding their own twist to religion for years. Yes, even Christianity. ESPECIALLY Christianity. People do this to create a personal bond with the stories they’re reading. They’re trying to relate, and to put the story in relatable terms for their children.

Balloonman Jesus is a-okay.


Claymation Joseph is a bit of a dick for ignoring Mary’s suffering there, but this figure set is still okay.


Snow globe head Mary is, frankly, a hot mess…but okay.


And it all HAS to be okay. Because if one is acceptable, they’re ALL acceptable. If you let your kids play with the Little People nativity set, you cannot pretend to be up in arms about Mary Barbie. You just can’t.

Now, I’m not into the whole WWJD thing. But I can guarantee that WWJ-NOT-D is issue death threats against an artist turning the most popular doll set to ever exist into classic religious figures.

I think all the outrage is silly. In a world where Caganers exist, and have since the 17th century, free from controversy or zealous religious ire, there’s certainly room for Barbie Mary.

…you’ve never heard of a Caganer?

Here. Without my help, see if you can spot the oddball in the mix.


Okay, so maybe there’s a bit of prompting on my part. And no, that’s not someone’s idea of a funny holiday prank. In the general France-y area of the world, it’s a tradition to place a shitting figurine in the nativity set.

And no, that’s not a typo. The dude is taking a shit.


Yep! And it doesn’t have to be a little elf. In fact, it’s very popular to get figurines in the likenesses of favorite leaders or celebrities taking a dump for Christ. Google it. I’ll wait.


I see you now have the glazed look of someone who has seen too much. Glad we’re on the same page!

The tradition began around the end of the 17th century and is loosely supposed to be about the Caganer nourishing the earth.

…at least that’s the bullshit reason they give now. I believe it probably started out as a political commentary and spread in popularity as a way to subtly stick it to the man. You know, relegating a recognizable politician or leader to the same status as the ox and pigs in the barn. That makes a hell of a lot more sense than the current popular explanation given by the French when a confused visitor sees someone literally shitting on Christmas.

So before you get mad that two artists have turned a popular doll into symbols of different religions, just remember that somewhere across the sea right now, someone is standing in a shopping mall Noel store trying to decide if they should buy the Kanye Caganer, or if Kim would be more appropriate to shit next to the baby Jesus this year.

Perspective, folks. It’s all about perspective.

Thus concludes a Musing for Monday, October 26, 2015. I’ve got housework on the docket today. Boo. Maybe it’s time to break out the big guns go full “Nights in White Satin”…

Take two pills and call me in the morning….


Bornin’, ebrybody.


The damn kids got me sick.


My head feels like an elephant is sitting on it.


Ew. Sorry.

The kids got me sick, then had the audacity to kick the bug in only a couple days. Meanwhile, in old lady Bethie, it lingers. Figures. I give them LIFE…they give me a cold. Seems fair.

Guess what happened yesterday? I went to do a load of laundry.

” *gasp* ”

Oh hush. I do laundry. I just really, really hate it. It’s my least favorite household chore followed closely by washing out the fridge and scraping the crud from the oven when a pie bubbles over.

Anyway, I set the load going and then was cleaning the kitchen when a ghastly sound came from the washing machine. Unless the mice have constructed a pint sized roller coaster under there, I think it’s broken. After I haul out the soppy clothes and suck the water away with a shop vac, I’ll have to pop it open and see what’s going on behind the case. Personally, I’m hoping for the mouse amusement park.

…come on. Admit it. You are, too.

I’ll keep you posted.

I’m hoping to get some writing done today, too. Aside from this, that is. We’ve already agreed this doesn’t count as real writing. I’m well into the fourth book in the Great Mother series while the editor slashes and hacks at the third. It would be cool to try a double release on them. There’s a good chance they’ll both get raised eyebrows instead of praise. I tried something different…we’ll just have to wait and see if it works. The beauty of indie releases in digital format is that if they flop, you’ve lost nothing but time. And since I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating a world and have a legitimately good time when I write, it’s not really a waste, is it?

I was taking a look at the news this morning, and this headline grabbed my attention: Official: Ebola Team Attacked

“Are we doing a Headline Roundup?”

No, and you can’t talk me into it this time, so don’t even try. I actually wanted to talk about the article and the situation. I promise a roundup soon, but not today.

The current epidemic of ebola virus disease has killed at least 2,600 people in West Africa and shows no signs of stopping. WHO, the World Health Organization, has begged and pleaded with various nations to help stop the spread, contain the virus, educate the people in the infected zone on how to stay healthy, and donate much needed medical supplies to care for the infected.

This is apparently controversial.

I guess everything has to be a controversy these days, doesn’t it? The articles about this outbreak have been slanted depending on the news site making the report. I’ve read everything from, “This is a desperate humanitarian situation,” to “What do you expect in a third world country?” to “THE END IS NIGH!”

This IS a desperate humanitarian situation that does happen to be occurring largely in third world countries. As to the end being nigh, we’ll talk about that in a sec. First, what the hell is ebola, really?

The ebola virus is a very potent little bugger that starts in animals and gets transmitted to people through contact with blood, fluids, bites, or dead bodies. From there, it spreads through human to human fluid contact, killing an average of 50% of people it infects after they have a brief and very painful round of headaches, rashes, high fever, nausea, liver and kidney failure and bleeding from soft tissues inside and out, like gums and the brain. Of course, this depends on the strain. Some strains of ebola can kill up to 90% of those infected in this horrible manner. I told you it was nasty.

That’s ebola in an admittedly small nutshell. I’m copping to condensing a very large situation into a tiny little package, so don’t give me flak, epidemiologists. We know there’s far more to it. The key points are that it starts in animals and spreads a horrible death to humans at an alarming rate.

The WHO has begged for help in stopping the current outbreak from spreading even further. It’s the largest outbreak in history, with more victims than all other outbreaks of ebola combined. The resources of the WHO are stretched to the breaking point and they need some help. We’re helping, but it took weeks for us to say “yes”.


I’m going with the honest answer and say that it just boils down to nobody caring about Africa. No one’s really in a hurry to bail them out of anything. Sounds harsh and mean and unfair…but it’s true. The articles that highlight the problem being in “third world nations” over and over and over attest to the fact that an elitist attitude against all things African still exists. If you point out the poverty of a nation as a means to enlist aid, that’s one thing. If you say you have to help the poor folks who choose to live in squalor to make yourself seem like a do-gooder, that’s another kettle of fish entirely.

Think I’m reading something into it?

Consider this: One article I read was exploring the origins of ebola outbreaks. Now, as I’ve said, it’s an animal virus that gets transmitted to humans through fluids. While the article didn’t come right out and accuse West Africans of having sex with jungle creatures, it strongly suggested it. Another article said that poor conditions lead people to essentially eat rotting road kill. Another said that “foreign death rituals” are a major contributing cause to perpetuating the epidemic.

Articles like this really bother me because they taint opinion. They make the infected seem like they are worth less than the reader, and in turn, the reader starts to not really care. The reader starts having the opinion that those infected somehow caused their own situation and deserve what they get.

If a farmer in Liberia slaughters a chicken from his coop that happens to have ebola, he stands a great chance of getting it. What, we don’t eat meat here? Or if an infected animal bites a person, they will almost definitely get sick. There are over a million people bitten by animals in the US each year. It’s hardly a West African specific problem. And the death “rituals” the article talked about? Government officials have admitted that their response when a family reports that a person who died with ebola disease symptoms has been pitiful at best, leaving the dead bodies in the homes of the families who then must handle them without proper protective gear. The only “rituals” happening are that regular untrained folks are being forced by their government to perform the tasks the undertakers are refusing to do without the necessary equipment.

People in these third world countries are poor, sure. But they’re not screwing animals, eating road kill, and getting freaky and weird with the body of their dead Uncle Sal. They’re people, like you and me, living their lives until they become victims of nature. Period.

“But Bethie, you can’t ignore the fact that there’s a hygiene issue, or that people transmit the disease through sex. Simple education would help mitigate the damage and quell the spread.”

Yep to all of that. You’re absolutely right…though I will say a surprising fact about the ebola virus is that you can transmit it sexually long after your symptoms have gone. You wouldn’t think twice about getting it on with your significant other a few weeks after you’ve had the flu, would you? Can’t do that after you’ve had ebola, not even to celebrate managing to live through it. That just goes to show you that the education part of this issue is critical.

And that’s what the WHO is really begging for. Manpower. They need trained people to go and educate the citizens of West Africa about the ways they can stay healthy and avoid spreading the virus. We’ve finally agreed to send doctors, supplies, and humanitarian troops. Of course, we’re also getting real haughty about it, too, but I guess that’s to be expected. That’s just the American way. At least we’re doing something finally.

“Officials: Ebola Team Attacked”

Eight people involved with the WHO were killed in a remote part of Guinea. They were in the town to educate people on safety measures when the government officials say they were attacked by locals and murdered.

“See, Bethie? People tried to educate them and look what happened.”

And I see your point. However, may I counter with this?

In the US, there is a well documented history of certain members of the country perpetrating violence against people for their religious beliefs, their race, their illnesses… Gay people still get jumped and assaulted for no other reason than ignorance. People with HIV are still treated like they’re about to spread the zombie apocalypse. People hold protests against teaching evolution in schools. STILL. And shall we even get into the shitstorm that’s kicked up any time a scientist dares point out the fact that the climate is, indeed, changing?

“Bethie, that’s not everyone. You can’t lump the nuts in with the….oh.”

Exactly. We’ve got our crazies too, people. We’ve got millions of people who DO have access to all the education they could ever want. And yet, these people, these Americans who do NOT live in a third world nation intentionally choose to remain ignorant. And in their ignorance, they are scared. They lash out. They attack that which they do not understand.

So we’re supposed to get a pass? Our scared, crazy people are understandable while theirs “deserve what they get”? If you believe the Guinea government line on this story…

**CONSPIRACY INTERRUPTION: Seriously, do you believe that? Or do you think there’s something decidedly suspicious about it all? A terrible virus, a very robust strain, somehow breaks free and spreads in unprecedented ways, and one of the first teams to go in to stop it is found in the latrine with their throats slit… Maybe it’s just because I’m writing about THIS VERY SITUATION in a work of fiction, but sounds a little fishy, no? CONSPIRACY TIME OVER**

…then the educators were killed simply because people did not understand what was going on. They were upset and scared and lashed out. Sound familiar? Because it should. That shit’s splashed all over our news about our own citizens every single day. What makes us worth more?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I’m glad we’re finally sending some help that way. I wish we weren’t simply concentrating on Liberia, but hey, it’s a start. However, people are still bitching about it. People are still complaining. Read the comments sections of the news articles and it’ll scare you just how vehemently people do NOT want to help. I specifically brought up the “they did it to themselves and deserve what they get” attitude because that’s a common thread, echoed by many Average Joes in these open discussion forums, and it’s terrifying. They believe US dollars should be spent in “better” ways.


For a lot of people, it really is. For an average of 50% of the human beings that become infected, their end truly is nigh. And if it cannot be contained, if this virus which is spreading “exponentially” cannot be stopped, the end will be nigh for a whole lot more. They need help, lots of it, and they need it now.

Where the hell is the controversy?

Thus concludes what turned into a pretty good rant for Friday, September 19, 2014. I’m off to take more cold medicine and thank my lucky stars that’s all I’ll need to feel better.

Gettin’ awful choosy about which “huddled masses”, America…


Mornin’ all.

The brain is churning bright and early today. Actually, it started to churn before it was bright. I freaked my cat being up before the sun started to shine. She looked at me, looked at the window, cocked her head and meowed, “What the hell?”

…fine, don’t believe me. But it totally happened.

The coffee’s garbage. I mean, I took a sip and almost spit it out. I didn’t put enough water in and it almost walked itself from the pot to my cup. My eye is still twitching in aftershocks from that first sip before I dumped it into a much larger mug and watered it down.

I’ve got a lot going on upstairs. Too many things swirling. Had some interesting dreams because of it, I’ll tell you what. Have you ever dreamed you were delivering a wedding cake via canoe? Yeah.

I get the cake part. That’s one of the things swirling. I’m making a wedding cake over the next couple days and though it’s not the first, it’s always a point of stress. I can totally understand why a cake would be in my dreams.

But a canoe?

The couple is having their reception at the local Elks lodge. It’s pretty much the premiere place in the area for all kinds of parties. Everyone has one of these in their town, or in a town very nearby. It’s a hall that’s clean, cheap, and easily accessible. Nicer than a VFW, but not as uppity as a country club. You know, for us regular folks.

I’ve personally been to eight or nine functions there, and I can tell you for a fact that you do not need a canoe to reach that particular Elks lodge.

I like canoes well enough. I haven’t been in one for years and years. When I was in jr. high, I went on a canoe adventure with a youth group down the Connecticut river. It sounds grander than it was. Really the adventure consisted of about 15 kids who had no idea how to canoe paddling in circles and falling out into a muddy backwash. In fact, now that I think about it, I can’t remember us ever actually GOING anywhere.

But there were roasted marshmallows that night at the campsite, and we saw a bald eagle, so it was a win.

I also think there may have been some sock bowling on the way back from that trip with my older sister and her boyfriend. Was it that trip?

Hey, I told you the mind was a’swirl.

Then there’s family on the mind. Always. Sometimes it’s happy thoughts and sock bowling memories, and sometimes it’s stress and worry. Hey, it’s family. That’s what happens. Someone’s always going to have a health issue, because the laws of statistics say that. Someone’s always going to have some drama. Someone’s going to get to have fun setting off homemade smoke bombs under the guise of teaching her kid a science lesson and not send you the formula yet so you can do it to teach your own kids science (translation: to piss off annoying neighbors)…YOU KNOW WHICH SISTER YOU ARE. I expect a recipe in my inbox toot sweet!

I need an “off” switch in my brain. I’ve got a bunch of old electronics equipment lying around. Think I could rig one up? I’m pretty handy with a soldering iron.

And then there’s the news. That’s got me all worked up. It’s summer, so people are leaving their kids in the car to bake to death.

I’ve had 4 kids go through babydom and the toddler years, and would you know that not once did I “forget” that they were in the car with me? Boy, Fate and Luck must have been smiling down on me, eh? Either that or I just wasn’t a completely self absorbed idiot.


There’s an app now that reminds you to check the back seat to see if you’ve got a baby in there. AN APP. And the horrible thing is that it will honestly probably save lives. People need an app to remember their kids. Unbelievable.

The other story that’s really got my attention is the US border crisis. Unprecedented numbers of children are crossing the border illegally looking for a safe life. And when I say children, I’m talking about little kids. Parents are sending their children up, largely from Central America, on their own in the hopes that they’ll be accepted into the US. There was a story about an 8 year old boy who was nabbed by border patrol. Only 8 years old.

I have an 8 year old boy. He’s brazen, but tiny. He still needs me to hug him when he’s had a bad day. He still needs me to convince him the lightning storm won’t get him when he’s safe in his bed. He still needs me to cook his meals and help him with his homework and show him how to hit a nail with a hammer…

He still needs me.

I read that article and was honestly crying by the end. I cannot imagine the horrible life that boy’s parents tried to save him from. I can’t imagine how bad it had to be for them to kiss their little child goodbye and sneak him out and send him off in the big world all alone.

He made the journey from Guatemala with a couple other kids, all around his age or a bit older. None even close to adulthood. He didn’t have his Mama to hold him through the ordeal. He didn’t have a bed to hide in during the thunderstorms. He had a journey that no adult I know would be willing to take.

And then he got nabbed by border patrol. He got to where he was promised safety, and now he sits in lock up and waits.

There are going to be an estimated 50,000+ children this year pouring over our borders. If the numbers continue as they’ve been going for the first half of the year, we may even hit 60,000. Stop and think about that.

I’m not talking about adults who cross. I’m not talking about grown ups who know what they’re risking by illegally entering the country. I’m not talking about people who are aware they are breaking a pretty big law.

This point is important. This fact is critical. I’m NOT talking about the man who wants to leave Mexico or one of the Central American nations to find a better life here without going through the proper channels. I’m talking about children. CHILDREN. 8, 10, 15…3 or 4 in some cases. Little children whose parents decided for them. Children, exactly like our own.


If you want to feel sick and sad about humanity in general, find one of these stories covering the crisis and then scroll to the comments section below. Here are some gut wrenching gems from two different articles dealing with the situation on NBCNews (Spelling and grammar are the choices of the idiots who posted. Wouldn’t want to be so presumptuous as to correct them, now…):

“When they keep talking immigration reform bills do they mean just giving these illegal locust people all amnesty?”

“OMG that trip was so hard. Coyotes and rapes and starvation…WAH WAH. No shiz! Then stay in your own country and don’t make that trip idiots!”

“sick of these ‘victims’, no one cares.”

“Its time too place the Protected Black Wolf in these territory’s. Lets place Great quantity’s of Rattlers on the trails used by travelers.” (…to which there was a round of cheers and the added suggestion of filling the Rio Grande with gators. People cheered at the thought of wild carnivores tearing kids apart limb by limb. Let that one sink in.)

“Deferred action for childhood arivals in 2012. Obamas action! This is orchestrated to accomplish his personal agenda. Wake up america! Do you know the Money for social security and disability runs out next year. This is all in his game.”

“Obama being from and having relatives from Kenya sympathizes with them. Many of his relatives are living here illegally.”

I’d like to clear one thing up. Obama is NOT in favor of keeping the children here. I don’t know why people have that impression. The money he requested is to medically treat them, temporarily house them, hire more border patrol for the interrogations, and then send them back. He’s not keeping them. This is in no way an Obama “ploy”. In fact, he’s going to end up looking like a big asshole here, no matter which side of the coin you’re on.

So the people who want to sick gators on kids haven’t even taken five minutes on google to look at the facts of the situation.

A common thought among the overworked border agents is that this may be a ploy by the drug cartels that have really moved into the Central American nations, that the cartels are forcing the kids to flood the borders to overwhelm the patrol and make their smuggling runs easier. While it may sound like the plot to a bad movie, I have to admit there’s some sense to it.

But does that matter?

Okay, say these kids really ARE patsies of the cartels. So what? We round them up and send them home…and then what? What kind of life will be there for them in a nation that’s clearly overrun by drug lords? And if we send them back…did they fail, then? Will there be repercussions for them? Or will the czars be happy with their efforts and bring them into the fold? Will we just end up fighting them in ten years’ time?? Any way you look at it, life for these kids when they return to their home countries will not be good. They just won’t.

Look, we need some reform. That’s absolutely true. We’ve got a problem with undocumented workers, we make legal immigration damn near impossible with a 10 year waiting period for a Mexican to get a green card… But this is not about that. We’ve got an opportunity here to help. Not to send a check to a foreign nation and HOPE it isn’t snatched up or misused by a corrupt government or rebellious cartel. We’ve got a chance to really help. We keep pretending we’re a giving and caring babysitter to the world. We’ve done so for years. What’s written on the Statue of Liberty?

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

We’ve got a chance to step up, here, to put our money where our mouth is and prove it.

But I guess for some people, that invite doesn’t extend to starving kids, does it? Hey, if these self centered asshats send ’em back, at least there’s no risk the kids will be left to die in a hot mini van. That’s something.


Thus concludes the Morning Musing for Thursday, July 10, 2014. I know for a fact I’ll probably lose some friends over this post. If that’s the case, then I’m much better off having them gone.