The most pressing political issue of our generation…


Mornin’ all.

I went on to my local news site while I choked down an absolutely horrible cup of coffee and I came across an article that must be discussed.

Gov. Chris Sununu Vows To Fight Plan To Change Highway Exit Numbers In NH

The general gist of the issue is that the feds want to streamline the highway systems by numbering exits in accordance with mile markers. Most states already do this. Not NH. In NH, the first exit on a highway is Exit 1. The next, 2. I could continue, but I think you understand how counting works. Interstates are numbered from the borders, which is fine, but sometimes things get a bit confusing when a road begins in the middle of a town or starts by branching off of a larger highway.

Why change them? It makes it easier for emergency service workers to know where an accident is, to investigate a crime quicker, to give directions anyone outside of the state could understand. The NH Department of Transportation is actually all for the new system.

But, our governor doesn’t see the benefit. In fact, he hates the idea so much that he’s created an entire narrative around New Hampshire’s pride for our exit numbering system.

He tweeted: “I don’t know about you, but I love the fact that I grew up as an Exit 3 kid in Salem. Exit numbers are a point of pride for some of us in NH- and we shouldn’t let Washington bureaucrats threaten to take that away!”

In the tweet, he’s standing in front of his car with a brand new bumper sticker slapped on it that says “Exit 3.”

In the interview with our local station, he doubled down. “We do things a little differently in New Hampshire. The exit you grow up on, the exit you live on says something about us and your town. I grew up at Exit 3. I live at Exit 10. To have a bunch of faceless bureaucrats in Washington try to change our system, we’re going to put up a fight on this one.”

I know that when I talk to folks about their New Hampshire childhoods, the stories are just filled with heartfelt exit sentiments. Warm memories of ditching the toll by taking Exit 14 then banging a right onto a side road, playful school yard disagreements about which exit is truly “your” exit if you live halfway between two, the first time and Exit 12ever dared to have and Exit 18 girlfriends and the back alley snapping dance off that ensued…

I do feel that he’s being a bit elitist, though, and not considering MY narrative. I grew up in a rural area, too poor to have a highway blasting through my neighborhood. I don’t have an exit story. I don’t have those warm, fuzzy exit memories. I grew up at “the yellow house on the left, if you hit the gas station you went too fah.” A lot of folks have those kinds of childhoods in NH. No one’s making US bumper stickers. No one’s fighting for OUR legacy.

I’m just going to say it: I feel exit shamed.

Bah, listen to me bringing up the hot button politics. I guess I just can’t help it. When you’re passionate about something, it doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or not. You just need to share. Guess I fell into the “talking politics at Thanksgiving” cliche I always laugh at other people for doing.

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving?

We have decided that we’re not roasting the turkey. I asked the herd if there was anything special they’d like for Thanksgiving dinner, and got a resounding “meatloaf” reply. I said, “No, we’re not having meatloaf.” They asked why. “Because it’s Thanksgiving! You can’t have meatloaf for Thanksgiving!” Teen 2.0 asked, “Says who?”

You know what? That’s a damn good question that I could not answer.

So, we’re compromising. I am going to grind the turkey and make a bacon wrapped turkey meatloaf. I’m also making boxed stuffing for them.

*collective gasp of my ancestors*

They prefer it. Why should I spend my day making food they sort of like just because it’s traditional? For the record, I got myself some gluten free bread to make my own actual stuffing, because SOMEONE in this household has to have some class. They, however, get Stovetop. At least I went name brand..?

Traditions are nice…when you want them. When you enjoy them. The older I get, the more I feel like holidays should not feel like a chore or a checklist written by other people for MY family. Why have a roasted turkey when that’s not what your family wants?

No-longer-teen Prime and No-longer-teen Beta have moved out *WE ARE STILL NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT*. I’ll pick up Prime from his new apartment (Beta spends Thanksgivings with his mum’s family) and we’ll probably play video games, poker, eat some good if not traditional food, and just spend the day relaxing and cracking stupid jokes. I bet at least 50% of them will spend almost the entire day in their bathrobes. No stress, no expectations. Just a fun day with my guys and a really good meal.

Not a bad way to spend the day, if you ask me.

Thus concludes a brief Musing for Thanksgiving, 2019. If you celebrate, however you celebrate, I hope you have a great and SAFE holiday. Sleep off that wine on Grandma’s couch before driving home. I promise she won’t mind!