Out with the old, but only after you’re sick of hearing about it…


Mornin’ all.

I tell you what…it was incredibly nice to sit down with my coffee this morning and hear cheap pop songs coming from the kids’ radio instead of Christmas music. I was so invigorated by the “normal” yesterday that I took down the holiday decor.

Well, what was left of the decor. The survivors of the Great Kitty Kerfuffle of ’14. I got it all down and packed away. The fake tree left half its “needles” on the floor. If we go with the same one next year, I’ll have no choice but to Charlie Brown it up. I think that’s a law, right? If your tree is sad and small, you must place one large bulb on it and wrap the base in a blanket. Otherwise the terrorists win.

So, I got the tree skeleton packed away, and neatly and carefully rolled the strings of lights so the storage gremlins can have something to snarl up over the next 11 months. You know how antsy they get when there’s nothing to unreasonably destroy. All of it is in my closet and off my walls. Christmas is officially done in the House of Bethie.

“Whoa. That was fast, Grinch.”

Hell yeah it was. I hate letting Christmas linger. Look, I love the holiday season, but once it’s done, it’s done. After the twinkly lights and glittery snowflake decorations lend their magic to highlight the good feelings of Christmas day, they have served their purpose for another year.

Once it’s over, pack it up and move on. There is no reason to hold on to that one day. Keep it in your memories and go on to the next adventure.

…wow. Did I just get, like, deep? I did. I was accidentally poignant as hell. I should buy this brand of coffee more often.

Besides, while setting up the decorations gives me a warm feeling of excitement for the holidays, taking them down and feeling the wide open spaces where they used to be feels like a clean start. When I take the decor down and box it up, I’m closing out one year and starting the new one fresh.

Damn I’m on a roll this morning. Quick, someone ask me the meaning of life before this caffeine buzz wears off!

We’ve got a few days left of 2014. The media believes that we should live these days wallowing in the stories of the other 360. Everyone’s got their “best of” lists.

Top Stories of ’14

News Makers of 2014

News That Made Us Think in 2014

Top International Stories of ’14

Then there are the lists of stories you might have forgotten.

News Stories You Missed in 2014

2014’s Secret Stories That Slipped By

20 News Articles That Flew Under the Radar in 2014

Or the news you didn’t want to read.

Most Awkward News Stories in ’14

Stories That Made Us Squirm in ’14

Things We’d Like to Forget Happened in 2014

Then you’ve got all the sub-news genres. Like Technology.

The Best Gadgets We Met in 2014

2014’s New Toys for Big Boys

Tech Industry’s Biggest Shockers of 2014

Top Apps in 2014

Surprising Kickstarter Successes of ’14

Or Science.

NASA Stuns in 2014

We Landed on a Comet, and Other Unforgettable Science Stories of 2014

Biology Breakthroughs You Never Heard of in 2014

Maybe you need to remember what happened this year in politics?

Why 2014 was a Turning Point

Biggest Senate Upsets of 2014

Most Popular Political Stories of ’14

A lot happened on the crime front.

The Year in Mugshots

The Best of the Worst: Criminals We’d Rather Forget from 2014

Most Shocking Court Cases of 2014

A Year in Review: The Crime Wave in America

But you can’t just have news stories. Those are boring. Got to have some stars and drama in there, right?

12 Cute Celeb Couples of 2014

Stars Who PDA’d in ’14

14 Stars Who Got Engaged in 2014

Best Star Crossed Lovers of 2014

That’s just happy, sappy crap. What about the naysayers and curmudgeons? Don’t they get some anti-cheer to close out the year?

Couples That Called it Quits in ’14

13 Most Public Breakups in 2014

Worst Celeb Divorces of ’14

12 Stars Who Got Dumped in 2014

If news stories aren’t your bag, don’t worry! Every single industry also wants you to read about their fabulousness this year.

Best New Fashions from 2014

Best Movies of 2014

20 Hot New Cars from ’14

12 New Songs You Should be Hooked on For the New Year

The Hottest Trends from 2014 That Must Continue in 2015

Worst Box Office Crashes of ’14

Most Annoying Memes of ’14

Then there are the generalized articles that try to mush an entire year into one long-winded attempt at being clever.

6 Ways 2014 Made You A Better Person Without You Even Knowing It

The Things We Learned About Humanity in 2014

If You Want to Succeed In 2015, You Need to Stop and Remember 2014

2014 Changed The World

Why You Should Be Thankful We Made it Through 2014

If that’s not your cup of tea, relax. There’s more fun stuff.

Weirdest Stories of 2014

20 People that Would Have Made Darwin Cringe in 2014

Best World Records Set in 2014

100 Cutest Cats We Met in 2014

Now, you can’t close out a year without looking ahead to the next. The media’s got you covered on that.

20 New Year’s Resolutions You NEED to Make in 2015

Top Stocks You Need to Consider for 2015

Home Buying in 2015: What Will Change and How to Handle it

15 Starlets to Watch in ’15

Hottest Trends to Wow in ’15

2015: Let The Race for the White House Begin

Dang. We just got done assessing and over-analyzing 2014, and already there are so many things to know before 2015 starts!

Think Almanacs Can Predict 2015 Weather? Think Again.

Wait. There’s even MORE? Shit. I better start taking notes.

Top Ecological Fears for 2015

15 Ways Your Money Will be in Jeopardy in 2015

With Global Unrest Growing, 2015 Shaping Up to be Tense

Troops Uneasy Heading into 2015

Stocks that Will Fail in 2015

Worst Places to Live in 2015

Job Market Shows Little Signs of Improvement for 2015

Um, I don’t know about this, folks. 2015 kind of sounds like it’s shaping up to be an asshole. Maybe we should hang on to 2014 a bit longer. At least that’s an asshole we’ve had almost a whole year to get to know…

Poll: Most Feeling Good About 2015


Well, then. I guess that changes everything. Fears assuaged, confidence renewed. After all, if you can’t trust a random Poll:, then who can you trust?

Thus concludes a rather quick Musing for Saturday, December 27, 2014. I’ve got a car repair to work on today. I put my foot on the accelerator and it went through the floor. No. Not pedal TO the metal, pedal THROUGH the metal. What can I say. I live life on the edge. If I was going to make my own recap article for ’14, it would probably be, “Top 12 Surprise Emergency Car Repairs Bethie Did in 2014″…


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