Turbine or not turbine, that is the question….


Hey, all.

My resident baristo is up to his dad’s house for the weak and this coffee is NASTY. It’s cheap coffee to begin with, and I put way too much of it in the filter. I didn’t have high hopes when I poured it and the ceramic of the mug sizzled and shrank away. I’m still drinking it, though. Good thing I’ve got a bottle of Tums.

The dissolved metal bits of the spoon will just give me an added mineral boost, right?

It’s been a busy week, hence the radio silence. Sunday was our Family Holiday, then there was some unexpected car work, even less-expected computer repair, a trip to the hospital for an oncology check up for one of our kids…

“Hey, Bethie…what’s Family Holiday?

Many years ago, when the kids were tiny and one of them wasn’t even around yet, we tried to blend families. Have you ever done this? His kid, my kids, one house that’s actually very small… It went well, by most standards, but there were times when it still felt forced. So one day my husband came home from work with a sack of toys. They were on clearance at work, and he couldn’t pass up the bargain. We got pizza, played games to win the toys, and declared the day, “Family Holiday,” with the reasoning that other people make holidays up, so we can, too.

That was nine years ago. Every June, we take one Sunday to ourselves and have Family Holiday. The initial batch of kids are much taller and hairier now, but they’re still not too “cool” to really get into it. So that was Sunday.

Oncology check up. Everything there went great, it’s just such an emotionally taxing trip. Plus, I live in NH…the hospital is an hour and a half away, which, to us, is a huge deal. You even have to use the interstate to get there. Whoa.

I got some hammers in the mail yesterday! No, not randomly, though that would be wicked awesome. I’d love it if someone just mailed me some hammers. The Great Hammer Mystery of ’14.

No, sillies. These were intentional hammers. Bodywork hammers, more specifically. They’re for doing the metal sheet work on the cars. They’ve got different shaped heads, and rounded and curved bits to place behind the metal you’re going to whack the shit out of to create just the right bends and shapes. So I’m going to be a great neighbor again later today and drown out the rooster.

Did I tell you about the rooster?

Someone that lives up on the hill behind our house has a rooster. That’s fine, many people do around here. But the damn thing never got the memo that it’s supposed to crow in the morning. It crows all day long.




Now, my husband put the kibosh on my chicken-raising idea years ago, so I don’t have much personal knowledge on the lives and habit of chickens. However, I did watch plenty of cartoons as a kid, so I feel that makes me an expert. Roosters are supposed to crow in the morning, then shut the hell up.

By early afternoon, the poor thing sounds like he’s being strangled. It gets painful. I cringe and think, “Oh, buddy. That’s just sad.” And yet, he keeps going. I wonder how the owners can stand it?

Roosters and barking dogs. Our neighbor has a dog that barks. I mean, that bugger BARKS. Every time they hook it up outside to do it’s thing, it barks from the moment they walk away until they come back to get him. Sometimes they only leave him for a few minutes. Sometimes they leave him out there all day. Can’t they hear it? Can’t they hear the dog going absolutely ape shit?

A classy neighbor a few doors down stood on her porch and screamed, “SHUT THAT F**KIN’ DOG UP BEFORE I COME OVER THERE AND DO IT MYSELF!” While her methods were, admittedly, a little rough around the edges, the offensive dog owners did, indeed, bring in the Beast of Misery.

I wonder if I could talk the Miss NH contender into standing on my deck and trying that same method on the preschool?

…KIDDING. Sheesh.

I’d have her say “freaking” instead.

Just read an interesting article. There are a lot of them today, actually. Most of them are serious, and I’m not really in that serious of a mood. So I’ll pick the one about the eagles, and let the bad news fall to the wayside for the moment.

A court has just ruled that wind farms in California will not be charged for the deaths of eagles that get chopped to bits by the large turbines. They must, however, take measures to deter the eagles. Some of the proposed safety measures are large nets and electric rods. So they can’t chop the eagles to bits, but they can catch and fry them.

This whole thing makes me shake my head.

Look, folks. We need energy. We need it cleaner and cheaper than how we’re getting it now. I don’t care what side of the coin you fall on, that’s just plain old fact. Would you like to breathe better in the great outdoors? Would you like to pay less for your electric bill? Would you like to create more US jobs and not be so reliant on foreign countries? Then it’s a no-brainer. We need more wind farms. Solar farms. Hydroelectric collectors and all that jazz.

And yet, every single time a new one is constructed, there’s trumped up drama. SOMEONE will complain.

“It looks ugly.” That’s actually a biggie here in New England. Awhile back, there was a proposed wind farm that would be built off the coast of Massachusetts. The thinking was to harness the ocean winds, and boy howdy was that a great idea! The project was shot down, though. All those people with the million dollar beach homes turned their noses up at the thought have having ghastly turbines barely in their vision. The small farm would have supplied all of Nantucket and a good chunk beyond, and it got shot down because people didn’t think it looked pretty enough.

“It’s disruptive to the environment.” This one, this slays me. The whole fricken reason we’re trying to find clean energy solutions is because it’s good for the environment! So there’s a big tall thing constructed where it never was before. Big whoop. We do that all the time, only we stuff the structure with apartments and people. Nature will adapt. I didn’t see you picketing the cell phone tower. Oh, that’s right. Because you use the cell phones to document your picketing of the wind farm construction. Got it.

This eagle bullshit is just the same deal. People making a fuss just to have a “cause”.

In 2013, it was estimated that domestic cats were responsible for the deaths of 3.7 billion birds annually. Cars wipe out between 60-80 million. Hell, windows kill over 100 million, and they just sit still!

So how many birds do the turbines kill? Approximately 100,000 a year, across the entire US.

Why are we so resistant to these alternative energies? People are grasping at straws to keep us using the same old methods. And people can blame the government all they want. And people do! People say it’s the government that’s in OPEC’s pocket and all that jazz.

But it’s not. It’s people bringing lawsuits to bar the wind farms. It’s people who don’t want to look at the “ugly” structures. It’s common citizens who think one eagle is worth more than the benefit to hundreds of thousands a wind farm can provide, just so they can then tell their friends they did something good and call themselves activists. It’s average people blocking and banning and barring.

I’m glad to see that the court shot this crap lawsuit down. I hope it builds the confidence of the wind farm companies to keep trying. I’d love to have a wind farm here in town. Too bad roosters can’t fly…

Thus concludes the Morning Musing for Friday, June 27, 2014. I’m off to do some laundry before I work on the cars. Blech. I hate laundry. Nudists have it right, man. …except when it comes time to fry bacon…


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