Snooze on the couch like nothing happened, you little fur ball….


Morning, all.

Ha! You doubted I’d do it two days in a row, didn’t you? It’s okay, you can admit it. I won’t take offense. Truth be told, if this coffee wasn’t strong enough to stand my hair on end, I probably would have lingered in bed until the last possible second.

I didn’t sleep well last night. It was just one of those nights where the brain spins and the eyeballs won’t stay shut. Of course, it didn’t really help that for some reason the cat decided she wanted to lick my toes.

Lick. My. Toes. *shudder*

Since it’s never happened before, and I did not step in kitty food before going to bed, I have no idea what the hell that was all about. Cats are weird, no matter what their aloof air would have you believe. And now after such a long night of oddity, she’s sacked out on the couch, sleeping, catching those Zs she readily denied me. Did I mention that cats are often bitchy as well as weird?

At least the coffee’s strong. My eldest now makes the coffee because I’m terrible at it. He actually measures the grounds…like that matters or something. I just dump some in. Really, I only drink it to open the eyeballs and get moving. I don’t honestly care what it tastes like. I think the fact that he’ll step in and take over is a good indicator of which child will wipe up my drool and find my lost teeth when I’m old and decrepit.

I was looking in the news for something to talk about, and everything’s making me annoyed. Rick Perry’s on some odd mission to “cure” gay people. That article was underneath one about “The Best Photo Yet Of Kim K’s Wedding Dress”. Best photo yet? ONE was too many! And that took precedence over Perry’s perplexing proposal? Then there’s the story of the soldier returned home. Hoo baby is that one causing a lot of stink, huh? My two cents is that we don’t know the truth yet, we haven’t heard his side, but even once we do, he’s ours. If he’s a deserting screw up, so be it. He’s still OUR deserting screw up, and it’s OUR call how to punish him. I can’t believe the same people who argued for his release years ago are now blasting those who brokered the deal to bring him home to deal with.

See, I think what I’m really annoyed about is that everyone wants a fight. Everyone wants something to argue about. Everyone wants to find fault in every little thing and pick it apart just to…what? That’s the thing I don’t understand. So they yell and scream and troll the comments sections of news articles. What does that accomplish?

“They’ve been heard. Their voices matter. People care about their opinions.”

No. The thing is, that’s just not true. They yell too loudly to be heard. They throw mud in the ring and it heaps up with all the rest until the issue is lost in the cacophony. If everyone is yelling their opinion, then no one actually gets heard. The modern debate arena does not host an exchange of different points of view, it’s a nursery where one crying baby sets the others off.

Guns. Abortion. Starting war. Stopping war. Whaling. Starving children. Poverty. Homosexuality.

All hot button issues, even when some of them shouldn’t be. Stopping war, pulling troops out of a failing mission, is considered controversial. What’s the controversy? There’s an opportunity to stop people from dying, while simultaneously saving heaps of money and resources. Where’s the downside??

And yet, there is always someone ready to scream and yell and whip people up over the decision to keep people alive.

Homosexuality is another hot button issue that’s just ridiculous. Make a law that says people can marry whoever they want and be done. Move on. Someone loving someone else has zero impact on your life, it does not “invalidate the meaning” of anything. It’s a non issue. It’s a made up “problem”. Sign it into law, then free yourself from the burden of persecuting innocent people for no damn reason. I bet if Rick Perry said these words, “I don’t understand, I’ll never understand, but that’s okay. I don’t have to,” he’d get a whole lot more done. Because the plain truth is, if people are lucky enough to fall in love and be loved back, how is that a bad thing?

But if you said these simple truths to the people screaming for more war and less love, they wouldn’t understand. Right now the pot is so frothy that there’s just no room for a calm head.

I have a theory of life. I fully believe that everything swings on an invisible pendulum. When an idea begins, it’s dropped into the world, hurtling forward and picking up supporters along the way. At the center it reaches the good zone, where everything is balanced. But it has to keep going. The momentum of the new concept scares people, makes them push it away to the other side. It has to keep going until it goes too far the other way before people try to bring it back. It’s a cycle, and with each pass, people slowly get a better look at it, understanding that it’s not scary, that it’s not a threat, and as the process continues, it slowly loses some of the extreme height and hype.

Eventually the back and forth will settle. Eventually the pendulum will come to rest where it belongs, in the center, in the neutral zone where it’s not too much one way or the other, but is just right. Eventually calm heads will prevail and the issue will be forgotten. It’s not fun or challenging to sit and watch a pendulum that doesn’t move. Eventually people will realize they’ve been being ridiculous, accept the fact of the stoic pendulum, and move on to start a new one swinging.

I dunno. Maybe I’ve already missed the latest pendulum.

What was that about some wedding dress?

Thus concludes the Morning Musing for Friday, June 13, 2014. Holy smokes, I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th. And it’s a full moon? And I’m running on way too much caffeine?? Should be an interesting day after all.


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